20 Ekim 2009

The world of everyday life, itself, of course, a cultural product, for it is framed in terms of the symbolic conceptions of "stubborn fact" handed down from generation to generation, is the established scene and given object of our actions. Like Mt. Everest it is just there, and the thing to do with it, if one feels ever the need to do anything with it at all, is to climb it.

17 Ekim 2009

don't mistake a clear view for a short distance.

12 Ekim 2009

09 Ekim 2009

koğacıoğlu anısına

06 Ekim 2009


jörg sasse'yi yeni öğrendim. sayfasında da çok sayıda eserine ulaşılabiliyor: http://www.c42.de/

04 Ekim 2009

on art and anthropology

The philosopher Michel Serres has noted how 'literature gets through where expertise sees an obstacle,' adding that 'philosophy can go deep enough to show that literature goes still deeper than philosophy.' Might something similar not be said about the relationship between anthropology and art: the artist may be able to go deeper into the nature of the reality of human relations, but still needs the anthropologist to reveal how deeply he is going?

from Micheal Richardson's article "Where Green Grass Comes to Meet Blue Sky: A Trajectory of Josef Sima" in Contemporary Art and Anthropology edited by Schneider et al.

03 Ekim 2009


jo loyd - work

david mason - fathers and sons

ilk ikisinin konserine gittim geçen hafta, ikisi de iyiler. islands yeni albüm çıkardı, sertleşmişler, iyi olmuş. bad lietunant aslında tanıdık bir ses, jupiter one da sürpriz bir çıkış.
palm springs
jane bartholomew
bad lietunant
jupiter one

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