21 Eylül 2009

on growing inwards

I am interested in people who grow inwards. People who seem like the most ordinary people, yet leave subtle traces that imply the vastness of their inner worlds. People who seem like to live the most normal lives, who go to colleges, marry only once, work in regular places; yet sustain a characteristic inner life. I am interested in people who invest in their own little inner universe, rather than randomly extending their instincts and impulses to the outer. I am interested in people who are self-sufficient in terms of their vital, emotional and libidinal needs. People who enjoy solitude. People who do not mind the outer conditions. People who are pleased with their inner tensions.
I am interested in people who value constancy, perseverance, endurance. People who feel the need to process every information to transfer it into their own language. People who therefore act a bit late, yet have wider self-awareness and self-esteem. People who move slowly towards their goal with their deep self-confidence. People who tried hard to build that self-confidence. People who had to invest in their inner worlds in order to survive. People whose survival instincts granted them mighty skills in critical and creative thinking. People who do not show off their critical and creative skills. People who are aware of all these, of their existence.

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