13 Aralık 2009

art world

Despite exhaustive research, however, I still find the art world fascinating. One reason is no doubt that it is tremendously complex. Another relates to the way this sphere blurs the lines between work and play, local and international, the cultural and the economic. As such, I suspect it indicates the shape of social worlds to come. And even though many insiders love to loathe the art world, I have to agree with Artforum publisher Charles Guarino: "It's the place where I found the most kindred spirits - enough oddball, overeducated, anachronistic, anarchic people to make me happy." Finally, it must be said that when the talk dies down and the crowds go home, it's bliss to stand in a room full of good art.

Thornton, Sarah (2009) Seven Days in the Art World, p. xix

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