12 Aralık 2009


In our own time, one of the most popular, influential branches of the culture industry is unquestionably sport. If you were to ask what provides some meaning in life nowadays for a great many people, especially men, you could do worse than reply 'Football'. Not many of them, perhaps, would be willing to admit as much; but sport, and in Britain football in particular, stands in for all those noble causes - religious faith, national sovereignty, personal honor, ethnic identity - for which, over the centuries, people have been prepared to go to their deaths. Sport involves tribal loyalties and rivalries, symbolic rituals, fabulous legends, iconic heroes, epic battles, aesthetic beauty, physical fulfilment, intellectual satisfaction, sublime spectaculars, and a profound sense of belonging. It also provides the human solidarity and physical immediacy which television does not. Without these values, a good many lives would no doubt be pretty empty. It is sport, not religion, which is now the opium of the people. Indeed in the Christian and Islamic fundementalism, religion is less the opium of the people than the crack of the masses.

Eagleton, Terry (2008) The Meaning of Life, Oxf Uni Press

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  1. Yıllardır düşündüğüm ve dile getirdiğim bir olgudur; Futbol, günümüz dünyasındaki en büyük din aslında. Tam da bu yazıdaki dediklerinden dolayı. Birilerinin daha sölemesi hoşuma gitti. Saolasın Tankut

  2. evet, ama din nedir? belki futbola olan düşkünlüğümüz içerisinden din'in de olduğunu biraz anlayabiliriz.


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